December 2004 Volume 1, Edition 4

As we reflect on 2004, we are humbled by all the people worldwide who stand with us to work for a better world and help us advance the ideals for which Danny stood. 

We are proud to share with you this update on the activities of the Daniel Pearl Foundation and, in this season of giving, we hope that you will consider supporting these activities with a financial contribution.  

We wish you Happy Holidays and a year of fulfillment of all your dreams.

                                                                    With profound gratitude,

                                                                    The Pearl Family

The Daniel Pearl Foundation promotes cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music and dialogue.

> Third Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day - See Slide Show of "Harmony for Humanity" 406 concerts in 39 countries
>Journalists from Pakistan and Yemen Selected as 2005 Daniel Pearl Fellows

>Jeff Greenfield of CNN to Deliver Daniel Pearl Lecture at UCLA � February 16 , 2005
>PEARL World Youth News High School Journalism Project Launched
>Daniel Pearl Dialogue for Muslim-Jewish Understanding Featuring Akbar Ahmed and Judea Pearl
>�I am Jewish� Book Edited by Judea and Ruth Pearl Wins 2004 National Jewish Book Award
>Coming Soon - "Stories from My Favorite Planet" New CD; Music by Russell Steinberg, Text by Daniel Pearl

Daniel Pearl Music Day - The global Harmony for Humanity network doubles again!

At the Third Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day- October 8-17, 2004 - hundreds of thousands of people participated in or attended more than 400 events in 39 countries. From the Boston Symphony Orchestra to Elton John to school children in Afghanistan, people raised their instruments and their voices, joined neighbors and strangers at concerts and reflected on their shared values and common humanity. Together we harnessed the power of music to inspire hope and brotherhood across national, ethnic and religious divisions.

Daniel Pearl Music Day participants included more than 50 orchestras and chorale groups in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas; over 20 festivals representing musical styles of all genres; over 20 events broadcast by radio, television or the internet; dozens of inter-faith programs; and thousands of individual musicians playing jazz, rock, folk, fusion, classical, hip hop, and world - blending many musical, religious and cultural traditions.


Governors Pataki of New York and Blagojevich of Illinois issued proclamations declaring October 10, 2004 Daniel Pearl Music Day in their respective states and every October 10 was proclaimed Daniel Pearl Music Day in the City of Los Angeles.

View the slide show of 2004 Music Day events and mark your calendar now to Join Us for the Fourth Year in our Drive to Unite People through Music - October 1-10, 2005 .

Journalists from Pakistan and Yemen Selected as 2005 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Ms. Ammara Durrani, Assistant Editor of The News International in Karachi, Pakistan, and Mr. Walid Al-Saqaf, Editor-in-Chief of The Yemen Times, have been selected as Daniel Pearl Fellows for 2005. Ms. Durrani will join the Los Angeles Times staff and Mr. Al-Saqaf will join the staff of the Washington, DC bureau of the Wall Street Journal from March �September 2005 under the Daniel Pearl Fellowships administered by the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships . 

CNN�s Jeff Greenfield to Speak at Daniel Pearl Lecture Series
Jeff Greenfield, senior political analyst at CNN, will deliver the third Daniel Pearl Lecture in Journalism and International Relations at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA on February 16, 2005. This annual event co-hosted by Hillel at UCLA features journalists who have contributed original analysis or constructive approaches to problems of international concern.


PEARL Secondary School Student News Service Launched
We are proud to announce the launching of the
PEARL World Youth News , a unique internet-based student news service in partnership with the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN-USA) which has a network of over 20,000 schools in 109 countries. High school students will collaboratively write articles and act as international correspondents for secondary school newspapers around the world.

With an emphasis on unbiased reporting and respect for a diversity of views, PEARL World Youth News focuses on developing journalistic skills among students as well as broadening cross-cultural understanding and providing an important global youth perspective. High schools in the U.S., Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon and Uzbekistan are playing key coordinating roles. For more information please contact Anindita Dutta Roy at [email protected] 

Interfaith Dialogue

The Daniel Pearl Dialogue for Muslim-Jewish Understanding grew from Professors Akbar Ahmed and Judea Pearl's shared belief that reconciliation of these two Abrahamic faiths is critical and can only be achieved through the re-establishment of respectful dialogue. During 2004, Professors Ahmed and Pearl�s personal yet public dialogue continued in Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Chicago, Baltimore and London and was featured in the Washington Post Magazine and on Close Up on C-Span. The Daniel Pearl Dialogue will continue in 2005 in collaboration with communities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Please check our website next month for updates on dialogue events or e-mail [email protected] for information.

I am Jewish� Wins 2004 National Jewish Book Award for Anthologies
The book I am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl, co-edited by Judea and Ruth Pearl, has been awarded the 2004 National Jewish Book Award for Anthologies. The book examines what Danny's last words mean to contemporary Jews from all walks of life in twelve countries, in their own words. Judea and Ruth Pearl are speaking in cultural and community centers, inspiring audiences to explore their identity, heritage, faith, humanity, image and moral commitment in the post 9/11 era. For updates on presentations, panel discussions and book signing in your area, visit our Calendar of Events page. All speaking fees and book royalties are donated to the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

Stories From My Favorite Planet� with Music by Russell Steinberg and Text by Daniel Pearl
Composed for the Daniel Pearl Foundation and premiered as part of the Second Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day on October 12, 2003 with composer Russell Steinberg on piano, Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist Mitchell Newman, and actor Josh Coxx, reader. This piece intertwines music with readings of Danny's articles selected from
At Home in the World into a musical tapestry that portrays his humor and compassion. The CD "Stories From My Favorite Planet" will be available to donors soon at www.danielpearl.org

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