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Daniel Pearl Music Days Enjoys Successful Run In Cyberspace

"Harmony for Humanity" e-Stage Extends Daniel Pearl Foundation's International Effort Through October

Los Angeles November 4, 2005 Hundreds of musicians, lyricists, poets and story tellers participated in the inaugural run of the "Harmony for Humanity" e-Stage, a new addition to the Fourth Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days (www.musicdays.org). The worldwide Internet radio station used cyberspace to broadcast the message of Harmony for Humanity throughout October as part of the international Fourth Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days; hundreds of live concerts united people using the power of music.

International musicians from a multitude of genres were represented in a variety of "Harmony for Humanity" e-Stage programs, which were accessible during October through the Music Days website and at Live 365 (www.live365.com).

As an example of the broad range of music styles available on e-Stage, offerings included roots rock and bluegrass with Daniel Pearl on violin and mandolin; the music of the Music Days Honorary Committee, including R.E.M., Herbie Hancock, Elton John, YoYo Ma, Ravi Shankar and more; and audio stories, some of which are set to music. "Lullabies For Free Children," a global collaboration of worldwide composers, made its debut as part of the premiere e-Stage broadcast.

"Music Days began in 2002 as an international 'jam session' to commemorate the October 10 birthday of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, who played classical, jazz and bluegrass music wherever he traveled, "explained Jackie Gelfand, Executive Director of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. "Since the inception of Music Days, more than 1,000 concerts in 58 countries have been dedicated to Danny's belief that music can bridge cultural and religious differences, and can remind us that we share a common humanity."

In 2005, the October 1-10 celebration of Daniel Pearl Music Days had special emphasis on performances aimed at spanning East-West divides. Concerts were held in countries ranging from Pakistan, Nepal and Taiwan to Costa Rica, Israel, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Germany and New York City. Performers included Los Lobos, Swansea Hollow Bluegrass Jam, Ireland's Cathy Ryan, Sudanese Rapper Emmanuel Jal, Elton John, Mark O'Connor, the London Philharmonia and a Greek Turkish classical duo on Cyprus. All used the power of their voices and instruments to stand up to the hatred that took Daniel Pearl's life.

Michael Stipe of R.E.M. said in his e-Stage dedication: "R.E.M. is very excited to be working with the Daniel Pearl Foundation this year for their Annual Music Days network of events, which includes this Harmony for Humanity e-Stage. Together with a diverse group of Honorary Committee artists, we celebrate and support the Foundation's mission of using the power of music to promote cross-cultural understanding and remind people of all cultures and religions that we share a common humanity."

Michael Stipe went on to say: "I was told that Danny would always travel with a violin or a mandolin and find local musicians and groups to join him. In the spirit of searching for common ground rather than that which separates us, I would like to dedicate this song ("Losing My Religion") to Daniel Pearl."

Daniel Pearl's murder by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 touched millions. By developing innovative international programs focused on journalism, music and respectful dialogue, the Daniel Pearl Foundation seeks to counter the hatred and intolerance that took his life. For more information please visit www.danielpearl.org.

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