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The story of Danny's life and death has touched thousands of people who never knew him. By developing original programs, the Daniel Pearl Foundation hopes to bring light to the world the way Danny did through his stories and music. In that spirit, the Foundation has undertaken several projects, including:

In the spirit of Danny’s love of music and commitment to dialogue, Daniel Pearl World Music Days uses the power of music to promote tolerance and inspire respect for differences. World Music Day concerts are held around the world on/about October 10th – Danny’s birthday.
      Fourth Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days – October 1-10, 2005
      Daniel Pearl Music Day 2004
      Daniel Pearl Music Day 2003
      Daniel Pearl Music Day 2002

Prepare and Educate Aspiring Reporters for Leadership (PEARL) introduces young adults to journalism through internships, web-based news services, and other youth-oriented journalism programs sponsored by the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

PEARL World Youth News is a unique international web-based student news service run by secondary school students from around the world with the focus of developing high standard journalistic skills. This program is a collaboration with the International Education And Resource Network (iEARN), with access to more than 20,000 high schools in 109 countries. Participating students, trained by volunteer journalists, select the issues to be reported, and write, edit and publish their articles on a web-based news service - PEARL World Youth News. In addition, school newspapers may choose to publish articles from the PEARL World Youth News to add an international component to their local school newspapers.

To qualify to be an international correspondent for this global youth news service, students are required to complete The PEARL Reporter Certification Program. This program teaches reporting techniques - from writing leads (opening lines of an article) to finding sources and conducting interviews. In the spirit of Daniel Pearl, there is special emphasis on ethics in journalism, integrity, and truth in reporting, which are the cornerstones of a reporter's credibility.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation partners with the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) International Journalism Exchange (IJE) to bring mid-career journalists and editors to work in U.S. newsrooms.

The Daniel Pearl Journalism Fellowship established in partnership with the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships brings promising, mid-career foreign journalists to work for six months in a US newsroom. It is an invitation to Danny’s former journalism colleagues to continue his mission by writing for the audiences for whom he wrote, working with his colleagues and getting to know the U.S. press from the inside. Journalists from South Asia, the Middle East and/or North Africa are encouraged to apply.

The Daniel Pearl Editorial Fellowship program in conjunction with the International Journalism Exchange is designed to provide participants with (i) a practical understanding of the function and significance of the editorial process in the free press in the United States; (ii) writing and editorial skills and (iii) continuing ties to journalists, editors and news publications in the U.S.

The Daniel Pearl Dialogue for Muslim-Jewish Understanding grew from Professors Ahmed and Pearl's shared concern about the deterioration of relationships between the Muslim and Jewish communities and a shared belief that reconciliation of these two Abrahamic faiths is critical and can be achieved through frank and respectful dialogue. These personal yet public dialogues are held nationally and internationally.

An annual lecture at UCLA and Stanford addressing conflict-ridden regions of the world delivered by scholars, journalists or policy makers who have contributed original analysis or constructive approaches to problems.

A youth-engagement program with teen website YouthNOISE including a writing contest on the theme of cross-cultural respect was held during 2002/2003. A new youth writing initiative focused on student journalism will debut in 2004.

Two-month internships at professional media organizations in the Middle East during summer of 2004 for Israeli and Palestinian young adults who are Seeds of Peace alumni.  The goal of this initiative is to extend Seeds of Peace's leadership and coexistence training by providing these young people with a foundation for a career in journalism which will enable them to amplify their commitment to peaceful co-existence and non-violence. Through the internships, budding Middle Eastern reporters will gain knowledge and practical experience and can help encourage the media to de-escalate conflict and eliminate negative stereotypes and inflammatory rhetoric.


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