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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world participated in or attended one of the 406 Third Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day events in 39 countries during October. From the Boston Symphony Orchestra to Sir Elton John to school children in Afghanistan, people raised their instruments and their voices, joined neighbors and strangers at Harmony for Humanity concerts and reflected on the consequences of intolerance and the value of diversity. Together we demonstrated the power of music to inspire hope and brotherhood across national, ethnic and religious divisions.

Daniel Pearl Music Day participants included more than 50 orchestras and chorale groups in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas; over 20 festivals representing musical styles of all genres; over 20 events broadcast by radio, television or the internet; dozens of inter-faith programs; and thousands of individual musicians playing jazz, rock, folk, fusion, classical, world and often the blending of many musical, religious and cultural traditions.

Daniel Pearl Music Day 2004 featured Public Service announcements with , Hamza El-Din, Herbie Hancock, Ida haendel and Elton John

Governor Pataki of New York and Governor Blagojevich of Illinois issued proclamations declaring October 10, 2004 Daniel Pearl Music Day in their respective states and every October 10th has been proclaimed Daniel Pearl Music Day in the City of Los Angeles.

Each year the Music Day network has grown dramatically thanks to the vision and dedication of people who, by responding enthusiastically to Daniel Pearl Music Day, inspire others to join. Our deepest gratitude to all of this year's participants and we look forward to having you join us in 2005 for the fourth year in our drive to unite people and break down barriers through music - October 1-10, 2005.

Daniel Pearl Music Day 2004
    By Todd Mack,, October 5, 2004
Daniel Pearl Day to be commemorated in style
    Taipei Times, October 8, 2004
Music Festival Unites Cultures
    by Sara Taylor, UCLA Daily Bruin, October 8, 2004
Concerts for All Humanity
    by Karen Van Rooyen, Sunday Times (Johannesburg, South Africa),
    October 10, 2004
'God Bless the Child' Salutes Daniel Pearl World Music Day
    Blues for Peace article about Jerusalem concert, October 11, 2004
Daniel Pearl, Remembered Through Music
    Radio commentary by Ruth Pearl on NPR Morning Edition, October 14,
Musical Tribute to Daniel Pearl
    by Lina Choudhury-Mahajan, Metro Bandra (India), October 15, 2004
Performances Celebrate Daniel Pearl Music Day
    by Maya Rao, Cornell Daily Sun, October 18, 2004
Two Memorials, Infinite Food For Thought
    by R.R.S. Stewart, Minnesota Daily, October 21, 2004
Life through Music the Daniel Pearl Music Festival
    by Shawna Kelly, The DoG Street Journal (Williamsburg, VA), October 28,

The Daniel Pearl Foundation expresses our deepest appreciation to the hundreds of individual volunteers around the world who organized events, made dedications, designed posters and programs, filmed, photographed and recorded concerts or performed other services in support of Daniel Pearl Music Day. The Foundation also gratefully acknowledges the support of the following institutions:

360 Marketing Strategy and Communications
Allison & Partners
AMC Network
American Dream Cinema
The Blackbird Group
Class Acts Arts
The Guitar Center
JMB Post Productions
Lenos/Virtual Boardwalk
Liberty Multimedia Inc.
Meet the Composer
National Association of Broadcasters
Paul Mitchell®
Pinewood Sound Studios
The Skirball Foundation
World Music Institute

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