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Series of Musical Events to Promote Pearl's Message of Global Harmony

Los Angeles - September 17, 2002 - The Daniel Pearl Foundation is inviting musicians, artists and performers around the world to participate in the first annual Daniel Pearl Music Day on October 10, marking what would have been the slain Wall Street Journal reporter's 39th birthday. In the spirit of Pearl's love of music and commitment to dialogue, artists worldwide are encouraged to include with their performances a message of tolerance and global unity.

Pearl himself was a talented violinist, fiddler and mandolin player. In every community he lived, he joined a band, orchestra or chamber group. He left behind a long trail of musician-friends who, especially on his birthday, wish to spread his message of tolerance and hope.

These friends, along with many who did not know him, are creating and participating in musical events in their communities, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Washington to London, Paris to Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Goa, Bangkok and Beijing. Among the celebrants will be Junoon, Pakistan's number one rock group, in a special performance in the U.S. Musicians of all genres, ranging from orchestras and choral groups to rock bands and solo artists, are joining this worldwide musical event by stating their commitment to global harmony during their scheduled performances.

"Artists throughout the world are taking a united stand against intolerance," stated Pearl's parents. "We are inviting orchestras and bands to use this opportunity to play for humanity and friendship, and to recognize the hope that is still plentiful even in the aftermath of terror."

The Daniel Pearl Foundation was created by Daniel's family and friends, after Pearl was kidnapped and murdered while working on a story in Pakistan. The mission of the foundation is to carry on his legacy of promoting understanding among people of different cultures through journalism, music and innovative communications. The Daniel Pearl Music Day is the first of several musical efforts envisioned by the Daniel Pearl Foundation to inspire mutual understanding and tolerance throughout the world.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation kindly asks that there be no fundraising in the name of Daniel Pearl or the Foundation on Music Day.

For more information about attending or initiating an event on Daniel Pearl Music Day, visit www.danielpearl.org .

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