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National Press Club Awards: 2002 Winners

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National Press Club Selects 2002 Awards Winners

Washington -- Threats to Americans lurking in their food, hospitals and drinking water were among the dangers detailed for their readers and viewers by this year's winners in the 29th annual National Press Club journalism awards competition.

Chosen from more than 250 entries in 22 categories from press criticism to consumer journalism, the 34 honorees also helped their audiences in such areas as understanding the California energy crisis, looking behind the scenes at the White House, realizing some of the problems facing Afghan women, and U.S. schoolchildren abused because of their sexual orientation. The judges also conferred a posthumous honor on Daniel Pearl, a newspaper reporter killed while reporting from Pakistan.

"The overall quality of our entries was extremely high this year," said John Aubuchon, president of the National Press Club. "Our judges had a difficult task. And while the 9-11 attacks and the war on terror justifiably have dominated many journalism competitions this year, it’s also good to recognize the outstanding work being done day in and day out on the many, many other issues that touch people’s lives."

The winners will be recognized at an awards dinner July 22 in Washington. See http://npc.press.org/programs/npcawards.shtml for a description of the awards and the past winners.

This year's winners are:

Consumer Journalism - Newspaper

First Place -- Ames Alexander and Pam Kelley of The Charlotte Observer for "On Guard for the Elderly"

Honorable Mention -- Diane Solov and Regina McEnery of the Cleveland Plain Dealer for "Will your ER be there for you?"

Consumer Journalism - Periodicals

First Place -- Amanda Spake of U.S. News & World Report for "Natural Hazards"

Consumer Journalism - TV

First Place -- Colleen Rubino, Chris Hansen, Edie Magnus and Josh Mankiewicz of Dateline NBC for "The Plane Truth"

Washington Correspondence

First Place -- Jim Puzzanghera of the San Jose Mercury News of "The Politics of Energy"

Rowse/Press Criticism - Single Entry - Print/Online

First Place -- Willy Stern of The Nashville Scene for "Grading the Daily"

Honorable Mention -- Matthew Rose of The Wall Street Journal for "Pressing Issues"

Rowse/Press Criticism - Single Entry - TV/Radio

First Place -- Theodore Bogosian of Bogosian Productions for PBS for "The Press Secretary"

Rowse/Press Criticism - Single Entry - Book

First Place -- William McGowan for "Coloring the News"

Rowse/Press Criticism - Body of Work - Print

First Place -- Alicia C. Shepard of the American Journalism Review

Rowse/Press Criticism - Body of Work - TV/Radio

First Place -- Terence Smith, Anne Davenport, Ilyse Veron, and Morgan Till of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Goldstein/Regional Reporting

First Place -- Bart Jansen of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram for "MBNA big donor behind debtor bill"

Honorable Mention -- Michael Doyle of McClatchy newspapers.

Hood/Diplomatic Correspondence - Print

First Place -- Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek for "Why They Hate Us"

Hood/Diplomatic Correspondence - Broadcast

First Place -- Tom Brokaw, Rebecca Haggerty, and Lisa Parker of Dateline NBC for "Lost Boys"

Newsletter Journalism - Analytical

First Place -- Michael Sadowski of the Harvard Education Letter for "Sexual Minority Students Benefit from School-Based Support -- Where it Exists"

Honorable Mention -- Staff of California Energy Markets for "Solutions and Non-Solutions"

Newsletter Journalism - Exclusive

First Place -- John M. Donnelly of Defense Week for "In Antimissile Test Target Signaled Its Location"

Honorable Mention -- Christopher Castelli of Inside Washington Publishers for "Aldridge Gives Nod to Proceed with V-22 Program Improvements"

Kozik/Environmental Reporting - Print

First Place -- Ben Raines of the Mobile Register for "Seafood Riddled With Mercury"

Honorable Mention -- Julie Hauserman of the St. Petersburg Times for "The Poison in Your Backyard"

Honorable Mention -- Charles Seabrook of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for "Georgia's Disappearing Songbirds"

Kozik/Environmental Reporting - Broadcast

First Place -- Andrea Bernstein of WNYC AM&FM for "The Toxic Valley: PCB's Along the Upper Hudson"

Honorable Mention -- Jack Hamann of Bullfrog Films for "Hot Potatoes"

Online Journalism - Best Site

First Place -- Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi of MSNBC.com for "Years Ahead: Aging in America"

Honorable Mention -- Tim Connor and Larry Shook of Camas Magazine for "Under the Influence"

Online Journalism - Distinguished Contribution

First Place -- Sue Johnson, Alison Cornyn and Joe Richman of Picture Projects for "360degrees.org - Perspectives on the US Criminal Justice System"

Honorable Mention -- Newsday Staff for "The Lost"

Sandy Hume - Excellence in Political Journalism

First Place -- John Berlau of Insight Magazine for "IRS Commissioner's Conflicts of Interest"

Honorable Mention -- Jim VandeHei of The Wall Street Journal for "Political Influence"

Excellence In Geriatric Writing

First Place -- Kerry Hall of the Greensboro News & Record for "Nursing Homes in Crisis"

Honorable Mention -- Bill Walsh of the New Orleans Times-Picayune for "Improper Restraint"

Freedom of the Press - U.S.

Daniel Pearl of The Wall Street Journal, awarded posthumously

Freedom of the Press - Foreign

Saira Shah CNN Productions for "Beneath the Veil"

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